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  • Jack from The Mindfull Homestead
    "Originally, The Homesteady Podcast sowed the seeds for our decision to start growing our homestead from a personal hobby to a profit generating small farm. As a member of the Pioneer Program, we've had the tools we needed to navigate the path as we grew our forest pastured pork and pastured poultry ventures. The ability to collaborate with others and converse directly with guests during the "Live From The Barn" streams has made it easy to connect with those in the industry who have the know how to make things as seamless as possible. The Pioneer Program is something that anyone who is interested in homesteading can benefit from."
    Jack from The Mindfull Homestead
  • Mark - from Michigan
    Homesteady is a great source of information on everything Homesteading. From farming to fishing and hunting, Austin covers it all, and does so in a way that is extremely entertaining. Being a Pioneer has opened the door to more content that is equally entertaining yet provides a greater level of detail. Regardless if you are a seasoned homesteader or one in training (like myself), you will find the Pioneer content valuable.
    Mark - from Michigan