Want to be more Self Sufficient? The Pioneer Progarm can help!

What is the Pioneer Program? 

The Netflix of High Quality, Entertaining, Educational Homesteading Videos


It starts with a question... either one I have, or one the Audience is asking

  • "What do I need to get started with Bees?"

  • "Can pigs REALLY be raised on pasture?"

  • "How do you make goat milk soap?"


Then we find an expert, and interview them to find our answers.  Experts like

  • Greg Judy (pasturing animals for profit)

  • John Suscovich (raising meat chickens)

  • Deborah Niemann (goat health and nutrition)


Now, we all have the attention span of 6 year olds nowadays... It can be hard to watch 2 people sit and talk for an hour. SO...


Like ALL our podcasts and youtube videos you love so much... EVERY PIONEER VIDEO IS HIGHLY EDITED.

Beautiful video of animals. Moving music. Takeaway lessons. The quality you are used to in Homesteady videos, with ZERO ads.


When the video is ready, we upload it to the library, where you can stream it on demand anytime.

Can't watch the video? No problem. Download the audio to listen to later when you are driving, jogging, or feeding the chickens.

In addition to our interviews, there are field trip videos to other farms, classes taught by K and I, and other experts, discounts to some awesome homesteading gear, and more!


The program is a subscription. Pay monthly, or yearly, cancel anytime.


We have built an awesome homestead over the last decade, that feeds us a ton of food. We ONLY have been able to do this thanks to the conversations we had with so many homesteading experts, which you can enjoy listening to on demand in this library! 

  • Field Trips, Workshops and Educational Videos

    Visit other homesteads, learn how to raise different animals and grow more food!

  • Take all the Classes

    From the Just Start Chickens Class, to Milk Cow 101... Dive into our classes!

  • Ad Free Extended Podcast Interviews

    Watch or download and listen to the ad free extended podcast interviews with homesteading experts!

  • Jack from The Mindfull Homestead
    "The Homesteady Podcast sowed the seeds for our decision to start growing our homestead from a personal hobby to a profit generating small farm. As a member of the Pioneer Program, we've had the tools we needed to navigate the path as we grew our forest pastured pork and pastured poultry ventures. The Pioneer Program is something that anyone who is interested in homesteading can benefit from."
    Jack from The Mindfull Homestead