• A Course For the Entrepreneur on the Go

    The Make Money Homesteading Course is made of 20 Podcast Style Audio Lesson that can be streamed or downloaded to your phone any time of the day, any where.

  • Get Your Questions Answered

    After you complete each week's on demand lessons, join myself and fellow students for a live Q and A session dedicated to answering all your questions.

  • From your First Product to Going Full Time

    This step by step course walks you through brainstorming your first product, to selling multiple products from your homestead full time!

  • Start With a Dream, End with a Business

    This 4 week long step by step process is designed to turn your dream into an actual business in 1 months time

It's Easier to find your way if you have a path to follow

2 out of every 3 homesteaders dream of starting their own homestead business. 

Sadly, for most, starting their own homestead business remains a dream.

It is time to turn someday into today. Today you start your own homestead business. We can help.

Signing up to take the month-long Make Money Homesteading course is just the first step. By the end of our 4 week process you will have followed the path that took me years to figure out, and you will already be running your own Homestead Business. 

$99.99 Special Offer for our VERY FIRST RUN OF THE COURSE!

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Testimonials about Homesteady Business Courses

  • Dave Hunt of Northeast Edible Nursery  - https://www.northeastediblenursery.com/
    "The Business course helped my new tree business earn a side income right from its launch. Austin helped me identify my markets and showed me the best way to focus my marketing efforts. It was well worth the time and money. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting a new homestead business!"
    Dave Hunt of Northeast Edible Nursery - https://www.northeastediblenursery.com/
  • Elaine Vandiver Old Homestead Alpacas  https://www.oldhomesteadalpacas.com/blog
    Perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur. Whether your business is still in the concept stage, partially rolled-out, or off & running, this program provides an opportunity to mingle and brainstorm with other budding business folk, all the while receiving sage advice from the market-tested, innovative Aust! A valuable experience for me - I'd wholeheartedly recommend joining up!
    Elaine Vandiver Old Homestead Alpacas https://www.oldhomesteadalpacas.com/blog

Course Curriculum

4 Week Homestead Business Intensive Course designed to help you sell what people want, get them to finance it, and make sure you are always profitable, without spending all your Saturdays at the farmers market

  • Make Money From Your Homestead Course Course

    • Section 1 – Homestead Business Foundation Module

      • 1-1 The Worst Homestead Business Lesson

      • 1-2 Establishing Your WHY Lesson

      • 1-3 What MVP can you produce? Lesson

      • 1-4 The Easiest Way to Sell a Product Lesson

      • 1-5 Foundation Q&A Lesson

    • Section 2 – How to Use Email Marketing To Make Money Homesteading Module

      • 2-1 Setting Up Your Own Digital Farmers Market Lesson

      • 2-2 In Defense of Email Lesson

      • 2-3 How To Get People On Your Email List Lesson

      • 2-4 Email List… How To Do It Right Lesson

      • 2-5 Email Marketing Q&A Lesson

    • Section 3 – Other Sales Platforms Module

      • Lesson 3-1 Why and When to Build a Website Lesson

      • 3-2 How To Use Social Media THE RIGHT WAY Lesson

      • 3-3 Video and YouTube Lesson

      • 3-4 Should You Start a Brick and Mortar Business? Lesson

      • 3-5 Sales Platforms Q&A Lesson

    • Section 4 – Choosing the Right Product, Finance it, and Grow! Module

      • 4-1 Which MVP Is Right For You? Lesson

      • 4-2 How To Test Your MVP Out BEFORE You Make It – Sellout Trick Lesson

      • 4-3 How To Fund Your Product with Other Peoples Money Lesson

      • 4-4 How To Grow Your Homestead Business Lesson

      • 4-5 Growing Your Business Q&A Lesson

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