The 6 Core Lessons

The Wild Harvest Whitetail Class is a series of Video and Audio Lessons made to help you get your first deer!

The 6 Core Lessons- From day one, the 6 core lessons are your road map from never hunting a day in your life, to knowing how to scout, shoot, find, field dress, and cook venison like a master! Review the 6 lessons, on demand, as many times as you like with this On Demand course!

The Bonus Toolbox- Each student will receive access to the EVER GROWING BONUS toolbox, where we add interviews, quick tip videos, and bonus lessons, including:

  • Land Management for Small and Big Properties with Biologist Grant Woods
  • What To Do After the Shot, and How To Find Your Deer
  • How to Cook the PERFECT Venison 

Students will have access to the Lessons and Digital Tool Box Recordings On Demand. Even if you are not planning on hunting this season, all the information will be available to you on the Homesteady Website for a later time. 


Make this year the year you get your deer!

100% Money Back Guaranty!

Take the first class, if its not for you, cancel for a full refund! 

On Demand Hunting Video Course - $49.99

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What others are saying about the Whitetail 101 Class....

  • Jared White
    She looks small in the photo but she was a big girl! I had worried that I would not be able to even pull the trigger let alone field dress and butcher a deer. I’d say I passed thanks to all the great info here!
    Jared White
  • Bill Kennedy
    Austin is a master communicator. Wild Harvest is an outstanding course! I would recommend this to anybody new to Whitetail hunting. The content is through and well presented and Austin was with me every step of the way. I'm looking forward to tagging my first deer! Thanks for a great course.
    Bill Kennedy